Alternative and Complementary Rehabilitation Therapies

If a patient takes an interest in the therapy—whatever form of therapy it may be—that interest can help keep him or her motivated during recovery and provide an outlet beyond traditional post-amputation therapy, experts say.

Experts have been searching for alternative ways to keep patients with limb loss engaged and excited about their recovery. From walking in swimming pools to virtual reality environments, patients have been working toward recovery in ways that take them outside therapists' clinics. 

The premise for using alternative types of therapy in conjunction with traditional, proven therapeutic methods is simple: Even if an individual has access to the best therapies in the world, they will not be effective unless the patient has the motivation to improve and succeed. 

Alternative Therapies such as Aquatic Therapy, Virtual reality gait training and game training for upper-prosthesis users might motivate patients in ways that traditional therapies can't. For instance, patients may be able to gain confidence by walking in a pool after struggling to do so on land or may get more practice using their myoelectric arms if they are training to use them via a video game.

That motivation can make all the difference in keeping patients working toward improvement. 

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By Maria St. Louis-Sanchez

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