Announcing SmartSoc®

April 2nd 2019

Tandem O&P is proud to announce the use of this new scanning system for pediatric cranial remolding helmets. Please call 320-252-9211 for more information. 

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Improved Amputation Techniques

October 21st 2018

Improved amputation techniques are giving amputees with advanced prosthetic limbs a feeling of control comparable to that of their original arms and legs, according to new research out of MIT.

A team of biophysicists and engineers was able to create a natural-feeling prosthetic by taking a smarter approach to amputation. In this…

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Just the Two of Us: Holding Hands Can Ease Pain and Sync Brainwaves

October 6th 2018

Reach for the hand of a loved one in pain and not only will your breathing and heart rate synchronize with theirs, your brain wave patterns will couple up too, according to a new study.

The study, by researchers with CU Boulder and University of Haifa and published in the journal Proceedings of…

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Central Central Minnesota Amputee Support Group

September 10th 2018

Meeting info

When: Tuesday evening, September 18th at 5:30 PM

Where: St.Cloud–GreatRiverRegionalLibrary Array Community Room (105)

Why: Networking, peer support and information for those with limb loss in our local area



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Central Central Minnesota Amputee Support Group

June 6th 2018

When: Thursday evening, June 21st at 5:30 PM

Where: St. Cloud – Great River Regional Library Array Community Room (105)

Why: Networking, peer support and information for those with limb loss in our local area

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Coping with Emotions After Mastectomy

May 24th 2018

It can be hard — physically and emotionally — to adapt to changes to your body after breast cancer. Whether you’ve lost a part or all of your breast, it’s normal to mourn that loss.

Making Tough Choices: Reconstructive Surgery After Breast Cancer

Deciding whether to have breast reconstruction surgery after a…

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Tummy Time: 5 Signs Your Baby Is Not Spending Enough Time On Their Belly

May 3rd 2018

By now, most parents are more than well aware of the dangers of putting their babies to sleep on their tummies, but not as many know just how important it is for them to spend some time on their stomachs when they're awake. Sure, "tummy time" is a term you're…

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Exercising arms improves post-stroke walking

April 26th 2018

Canadian researchers have demonstrated that that arm exercises—specifically, cycling the arms—improves post-stroke gait. The authors said this is the first study to test the effect of arm training on post-stroke leg function, even years after the event. The results appear in the Journal of Neurophysiology.

Researchers recruited 19 patients, age 57…

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Future Technology: Diabetic smart socks aim to prevent amputations

April 3rd 2018

A biomedical engineer has created the Siren Diabetic Sock and Foot Monitoring System. They’re smart socks made of Neurofabric™—a smart textile that can be manufactured on standard industrial equipment—and used to help people with diabetes avoid amputations caused by diabetic foot ulcers. 

The Siren team with expertise in the biomedical, garment,…

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Alternative and Complementary Rehabilitation Therapies

March 16th 2018

If a patient takes an interest in the therapy—whatever form of therapy it may be—that interest can help keep him or her motivated during recovery and provide an outlet beyond traditional post-amputation therapy, experts say.

Experts have been searching for alternative ways to keep patients with limb loss engaged and…

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