Future Technology: Diabetic smart socks aim to prevent amputations

April 3rd 2018

A biomedical engineer has created the Siren Diabetic Sock and Foot Monitoring System. They’re smart socks made of Neurofabric™—a smart textile that can be manufactured on standard industrial equipment—and used to help people with diabetes avoid amputations caused by diabetic foot ulcers. 

The Siren team with expertise in the biomedical, garment,…

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Alternative and Complementary Rehabilitation Therapies

March 16th 2018

If a patient takes an interest in the therapy—whatever form of therapy it may be—that interest can help keep him or her motivated during recovery and provide an outlet beyond traditional post-amputation therapy, experts say.

Experts have been searching for alternative ways to keep patients with limb loss engaged and…

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Money Vs. Mobility

March 7th 2018

Each year, 185,000 amputations occur in the U.S. Unfortunately, a common factor in most of these cases is financial stress. When I had my leg amputated at the age of 11, my parents and I had no idea just how expensive prosthetics or mobility devices are. After spending thousands on…

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Central MN Amputee Support Group

December 21st 2017

All are welcome but please let us know you plan on attending, so there's adequate space and supplies :)

RSVP by 12/20/17



Phone: 320-252-9211

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How Video Games Help In Prosthetic Rehabilitation

December 12th 2017

Virtual reality, custom video games, and commercially available video games (CAVGs) are gaining popularity as prosthetic rehabilitation tools. Gaming systems, including the Nintendo Wii, Sony EyeToy, and Xbox Kinect, and games like Dance Dance Revolution have been shown to encourage physical activity while improving rehabilitation outcomes in people with musculoskeletal…

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Move On With My Life...

November 24th 2014

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